Modern, Eco-Friendly Pillow Covers by Chanee Vijay

Like most designers, I am constantly changing my space. I am always re-purposing, rearranging things and adding new pieces. A great way to give your space a new and updated feel would be to simply change the pillows on your couch, bed, or reading nook. Which leads me to these wonderful pillow covers designed by Chanee Vijay.

She is a Philadelphia based textile designer who runs her own shop, {me}longings studio. Chanee focuses on using sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and water-based metallic inks. Each pillow cover is either screen printed or block printed by hand. They are modern and chic, but feature simple patterns and earthy colors. Her work has been featured on Better Homes and Gardens, DIY Magazine, Nate Berkus show and several other nationally known publications. I hope you will check out her work at {me}

info + photo source: Chanee Vijay | {me}longings studio


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