Rod MoorHead | Mississippi Ceramic Sculptor

20140603-102251-37371732.jpgI recently went to the work of Mississippi ceramic sculptor, Rod Moorhead.  His work is on exhibit at the Ohr-O’keefe Museum in Biloxi, Mississippi.  In this exhibit, he uniquely combines mythology and modern-day elements.





Handmade Collage Tiles

I handmade these playful collage tiles that feature a mix of different patterns and textures.  These tiles can be grouped together on a wall or displayed on a shelf or desk.  They are now on clearance for just $15.00 a piece at Printwork.

Ceramics and Lovable Things by Ross*Lab

I feel in love with these beautiful handmade and hand-thrown ceramic planters, bowls and salt and pepper cellars by Rossella at Ross*Lab.  In her shop you can also find handmade jewelry and other unique ceramic goodies.  Checkout all of Rossella’s work at

These planters are simple, but they have wonder character with its minimal white glaze rim against the black stoneware.

photo + info source | Rossella at Ross*Lab